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Ryan North may not know how to draw, but that hasn’t stopped him from producing art. "Thankfully," he says, "they invented computers.” North, who has a master’s degree in computer science, used the tools of his trade to produce Dinosaur Comics while he was still in school. The online comic panel starring three clip art dinos has since become one of the most famous web-comics in web-comic history. "When I graduated, I had a choice between getting a real job and not getting a job and becoming a cartoonist," North says. "It was an easy choice, mostly because I didn't have a job to quit.” 

North has a knack for pleasing the people, with and without dinosaurs. In 2012, he launched a massively successful crowdfunding campaign for a “choosable path” version of Hamlet, called To Be Or Not To Be, and released a follow-up, Romeo And/Or Juliet, in 2016. 

North has won a broader following with his Eisner Award–winning work on the Adventure Time comic series and a stint writing Archie’s Jughead. He is currently writing the delightful Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. 

Dinosaur Comics lives at and Ryan Tumblrs over here