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Julia Breckenreid is, by her own admission, an artistic magpie: “I grab bits and pieces of inspiration wherever I see it.” The Toronto illustrator and part-time illustration instructor works out of a bright, sunny studio in the city's east end. She regularly posts playful photos of works-in-progress on Instagram. Her finished illustrations — which she mostly does the old-school way, using acrylic paint, watercolour and ink, with minor digital additions — is bright, bold and unapologetically eye-catching.
Julia’s clients are primarily editorial, ranging from niche (Chronicle Books, Johns Hopkins and, depending on who you ask, The New York Times) to A-list (Penguin books, Oprah magazine and, depending on who you ask, The New York Times). "Generally, I love to play with the text that I'm given," she says, "and try to convey something beneath or beyond what the author has composed.”

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