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When Kagan McLeod was 15, his dad introduced him to a science fiction illustrator who was making  a living drawing monsters and robots for movies and toy packaging. With Kagan's interest in such subjects at its peak, a career goal in illustration solidified over other fields in art.

Not long after, he enrolled in Sheridan College's renowned program. As a new grad, Kagan stuck to acrylic painting. Today, his work — which he mostly does in ink on paper — is distinguished by its sweeping, distinct line-work, splashes of colour and skillful portraiture. "Whenever I would try and emulate someone else's style, I would fail," says Kagan, whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Boston Globe, GQ and elsewhere.

"I found the best approach was to not think about it and see what comes out. I'm always pleased when people say they can recognize my work."

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