The Pushpin

lovable giclée prints by professional illustrators


How does the currency on this site work?

The Pushpin is based in Canada, but most of its users are in the US, so its currency is American dollars. The ability to switch between currencies on the site comes courtesy of a nifty widget that provides estimates based on the day's exchange rates. This is for information purposes only. The transaction will be charged in US funds, and the actual conversion will be determined by your credit card provider. 

How do you select artists for the site?

All the artists on this site are professionals — they earn their livings as creators. There’s a mix of editorial illustration and comic work. We’ve chosen awesome work from awesome people, the kind you’d want to invite over. You can invite their art over instead — it will stick around longer, and won’t eat all your food.  

All of the artists we are launching with are Canadian, and they are mostly from Toronto, since that’s where we are based, but it won’t stay that way as Pushpin expands.

What kind of paper do you use? 

We print on a lovely cotton rag paper, in a luxurious 330 gsm weight. (Don't speak gsm? It's thick.) The paper is acid-free archival, and made in the USA in an environmentally friendly process that involves using cotton fibres from cottonseed oil production that would otherwise go into landfill. Not too shabby! (We also use Hahnemühle photo rag for a couple of the larger pieces — any diversion from the default will be noted in individual print descriptions.) 

What is a giclée print?

This is basically a fancy French word for inkjet printing. But fancy inkjet printing. Papers used in giclée are archival, printed with pigment inks in many shades (many more than just the CMYK from what you used to print your homework on). The result is a vibrant fine art print of the highest quality. And that’s what you’ll find here. Seriously, these prints are gorgeous.

The work on The Pushpin is curated by invite only to keep the site manageable scope and cohesive in style. But, we love all artists, so feel free to get in touch!

I am an artist who would like to be on The Pushpin. How does that work?

What businesses do you do business with?

We aim to be as responsible as possible in all of our consumer choices. We source packing supplies locally, use made in the USA paper, bank with a credit union, and avoid any companies known to have bad practices. 

How fast will I get my print?

Please wander on over to the shipping page for that info.

What is your return policy?

If there's a problem with your print, we will gladly replace it. Just contact us.

What if my question isn’t in this list of questions?

Shoot us an email! We'd love to hear from you.