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As a kid, Chloe Cushman loved creating illustrations to accompany stories she’d written — and vice versa. The literary-minded illustrator studied English and contemporary philosophy in university,  before fine-tuning her drawing abilities by enrolling in an illustration program: "I don't think I really knew what illustration was before that,” she says.  “Let alone how to make a career of it.” 

These days, Chloe's favourite work is on the conceptual side: she loves figuring out the most creative way to represent the ideas in writing visually. She did just that during her five years in the art department of the National Post in Toronto. Her work was frequently recognized by the Society of News Design. Cushman’s illustrations — which she largely produces digitally, with old-fashion brainstorming sketches beforehand — have also appeared in the Walrus, Toronto Life, Reader’s Digest and the Los Angeles Times and, most recently, in the pages of firebrand restaurateur Jen Agg’s new book, I Hear She’s a Real Bitch.

Chloe can be found at and on Instagram @chloecushman